Human Tricks


Human Tricks is an artist name for a solo project of a Finnish composer, guitarist, singer and sound designer Samppa Siurala. Dividing his time between Finland and Italy, Siurala composes and records all Human Tricks material.

Human Tricks is signed to an Italian record company, Areasonica Records, in Bologna (Italy).

First Human Tricks EP launch in 2017

First Human Tricks EP launch in 2017 (Areasonica Records / Bologna, Italy)

The first EP (“Human Tricks”) was released in November (2017). It contains four songs, from happy dance music to ballads originating from Siurala’s personal life experiences. The first single “Not With These Dreams” is a song about boldly going after your dreams and leaving behind much more safe and stable lifestyle. The video was filmed in Bologna.

The second video “Can’t Keep from Smiling” from the same EP was released in summer 2018. Also filmed in Bologna with many local artists, the video is filled with summer, colours, joy and happy music.

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